Welcome to the portfolio of Federico Naumow, Multimedia Products Designer & Developer.

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Ecostruct Group

Task: Design and Website development.
Solution: Alternative design.

Tools: psd.
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Ecostruct Group

Task: Design and Website development.
Solution: Website creation in HTML, Javascript and Flash.

Tools: psd, fl, dw.
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Admin. Pitágoras

Task: Corporate identity for Admin. Pitágoras.
Solution: Stationery.

Tools: psd, ai.
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Admin Pitágoras

Task: Website presence + Branding.
Solution: Logo + website design + stationery.

Tools: psd, ai, dw.
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3D Notos

Task: Code website with flash / php / sql.
Solution: Interactive flash site, Portfolio fully controlled via Backend, Dinamic Fullscreen mode and more.

Tools: psd, fl, dw.

Hello, My name is…

Hi… My name is Federico Naumow Waldoke. I’m a Web Designer who is 100 percent focused on the design & development of web-based solutions. With more than 10 years of continuous, individual and professional growth, continue reading

What clients say...

"Excellent work… and a really smooth process getting it done. This was a great experience working with you, and I’m extremely happy with the website you designed. Looking forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks again!"

Jeff Kay – PMC, Inc.

"This provider deserves 5 stars. They delivered on time, on budget and unlike other providers I did not have to repeat the specs over and over till they got it right. These guys got it right from the first shot and delivered a quality, bug free flash application to me. "

"Naumow did an excellent job. It was quite a lot over budget but well worth it every penny. I would highly recommend using Naumow especially for sales copy websites or landing pages. I shall be using your services again. Excellent work!."

"WOW! So many providers promise to do amazing things, these guys delivered!! I couldn’t be more happy with them and have already hired them to do 5 more movies with me! Incredible, thanks so much."

Scott Stratten

"Best you can get. May cost more than the others, but the professionalism and complete adherence to the job makes Federico the perfect company to work with. Thanks!"

Derek I. Lacy

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www.cssmania.com www.gouw.nu www.welovewp.com www.designsnack.com http://www.cssclip.com www.webdesignideas.org www.modernwebdesignaward.tk www.css-design-yorkshire.com www.cssimpress.com www.dailyslurp.com www.mabucplus.com www.rgbgarden.com www.mostinspired.com www.coolsitecollection.com www.cssstar.com www.ecssited.com browsershots.org www.csscount.com www.cssperk.com www.cssglance.com www.csswow.com www.cssmix.nl www.cssbag.com www.cssdaddy.com www.csscookie.com www.instantshift.com www.fantasticss.com www.csszone.org www.cssloggia.com www.cssbrigit.com www.onecss.com

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